Friday, November 28, 2014

Slaskie Lowy by Edward Goszyk

This book was written by an author that I met while on a trip to Poland.  Edward Goszyk was suggested to me by others to be an expert on hunting, forestry and foresters of the area of my ancestor, Franz Gralla.  Franz Gralla was forest ranger in the forests of Koszecin in the late 1800's.  I had received some books from Mr. Goszyk at the time of my visit in 2007.

I was very delighted to receive a copy of his latest book about forests and hunting in the area of Silesia.

I am not quite certain where the book is available.  However, upon doing an internet search I find the following link to some information about it.  And it can be purchased at this Polish site. And also this Polish dealer.  I have not found an America dealer, but perhaps I have missed it.

This 344 page book is written in Polish and discusses the world of hunting and forestry in Silesia. It is illustrated with drawings and photographs which were very interesting to me to see.

Silesian countryside.

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