Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Unforeseeable by Nancy Mehl

Nancy Mehl is one of my Facebook friends, an author whose books I enjoy.  I won a copy of her book Unforeseeable in a contest.  I just finished reading this fascinating book.

Callie Hoffman lives in Kingdom, Kansas.  She is Mennonite and has a past that keeps her from progressing.  The secret that she keeps in her heart and has tried to bury in her mind has caused her to have changed from the young woman she once was.

Her fiance is Levi Housler and he is also the new pastor in their congregation.  Her life seems wonderful until a murder occurs in their town.

This book was quite suspenseful and was a page turner from the beginning.  You will not want to miss this great book!  For Christian readers is also inspiring and uplifting.
Author Nancy Mehl

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