Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Nativity Bride by Miralee Ferrell

Continuing with the 12 Brides of Christmas series, I have just finished reading The Nativity Bride by Miralee Ferrell.  This is the first thing I have read from this author and I have to say that I do enjoy her writing style very much.

In this story 16 year old Deborah is courting 18 year old Curt Warren.  They are happily together and feeling that they plan to spend the rest of their lives together.  Curt is contemplating his future and the fact that he does not want to continue to farm as his father has done throughout his life.  He feels the talent of wood working driving him in a different direction.  His father is very unhappy and Curt leaves home to apprentice in The Dalles as a woodworker despite his father's feelings and advice.

Five years pass and Deborah has had merely two letters from Curt.  She has courted others but no one fills the hole in her heart.  Curt returns after these 5 years and the feelings he once had for Deborah still remain.  But after all this time, will Deborah have feelings for him?  Deborah's mother is also a factor in their future as she has poor health and needs to be cared for by Deborah.  As Deborah helps Mr. Warren, Curt's father, go through his wife's belongings after her death, she uncovers some items that hold the keys as to whether Curt and his father will ever reconcile.  One of the items is a beautiful handmade nativity set.

This story was very uplifting and shows the importance of forgiveness in each of our lives.  I will be watching for other works by this author.

I have received a ebook from the publisher for my honest review.

The author, Miralee Ferrell

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