Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Amish Girls Series V. 1 by J.E.B. Spredemann

I recently finished this book and was not quite certain the age group it was written for.  Probably not for my specific, older age, or for the 10-12 year old age bracket so am thinking the mid teens.

I mention this because I was intrigued by the subject matter, being very open and honest about some of the trials that exist in today's world.

In this book, v. 1, there are 4 stories which revolve about an individual Amish girl and her personal experience or trial.

In the first story, Joanna's Struggle, Joanna is at a public event and turns up missing.  As you read, you read the feelings of those looking for her, Joanna herself and the thoughts and experience of the perpetrator.  Listening to the news, we see events like this more often than we would like to hear about.  How Joanna deals with the situation is a growing experience and a look at Amish traditional values.
In the next story, Danika Morales loses her parents and goes to live with her mother's Amish brother, not knowing anything about "being Amish".  This story develops with the character in the previous story as do the remaining two stories in the book.  In this way you can see their character development as they grow older.  Danika is totally surprised about the "old-fashioned" life style she is now expected to live, having grown up till age 11 in California and living in a modern life-style.  How will she adapt or will she be able to make the adjustment?

The third story is called Chloe's Revelation.  Chloe faces some issues that are probably not so uncommon amongst teens.  Facing pressures that are not easy to deal with.  Chloe finds that forgiveness is the key.

The final story is Susanna's surprise.  And the surprise is one that changes her family and could give them great anger yet how will this family deal with the child that was taken from them without their knowledge?

These stories were well written and can give emotional support to those who have felt trials in life, whether it be illness or other trials.  Very good reading for the younger aged.  And for us older folks, as well!
Author J.E.B. Spredemann writes Christian fiction to uplift and inspire, to make you laugh and touch your heart.

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