Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Mysterious Doll by Linda Weaver Clark (Amelia Moore Detective Series, Book 4

The Mysterious Doll by Linda Weaver Clark is book four of the Amelia Moore Detective stories.  In this story, a porcelain doll turns up missing from a museum case.  The obvious culprit appears to be Sam, an engaged museum employee who suddenly turns up missing at the same time as the doll.

Sam's fiance hires Amelia and her partner Rick to find Sam and to prove his innocence.  Amelia and Rick are followed at every corner and try to dodge the men that always seem to be after them.  Will they be able to find Sam and prove that he was not guilty of the theft and also figure out why so many people seem to be inquiring about the doll?  Is the doll worth enough to be of such great interest to several people?  What is the real secret behind the mysterious doll?

This was a fun read and I enjoyed it very much.  I think you will enjoy the other books in this cozy mystery series, as well.  Amelia and Rick seem to be getting closer as the series continue and some romance is definitely in the air.

You can find Linda's books at available for pre-order.  Available after Jan. 31, 2015.

I was given a copy of the ebook from the author for my review, which I have given.

The Author: Linda Weaver Clark.  You can read all about Linda at her blog.

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