Friday, December 26, 2014

An Amish Buggy Ride by Sarah Price

I was lucky and won this book in a giveaway!  Yeah, lucky me.  At first I kind of imagined this as a very different book than what I was reading.  It started right off with a real grabbing sort of beginning.  Kate's brother came to pick her up, a disagreement ensued and he and another left and she walked home in the cold.  Only to find he had been in an accident.

She lives in guilt for a very long time, blaming only herself for what has happened.  Kate's parents can't seem to help her and things in her life become hard to bare until she gets to know Samuel, a kind and very understanding young Amishman. She knows that she must some how tell him of her guilt, which she knows will cause an end to their relationship.

This is a very good story.  It shows each of us that to truly forgive others, we must learn to forgive ourselves, something that can be very hard to do.  We must have trust and faith in the Lord that he loves us and will forgive us for our wrongdoing.

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