Monday, December 1, 2014

Courting Emily by Amy Lillard

As I read this book I wanted more and more to get to the end to see how things turned out, yet as I got closer and closer to the end, I equally did not want the story to end.  It was a really good book and I had a hard time putting it down.

This book takes place in Wells Landing, OK. and revolves around the life of Emily Ebersol, daughter of the Amish bishop in their community.  As with most Amish young women, she dreams of marriage with a dutiful and believing Amish man and having a family within their Amish community.

Her childhood sweetheart is the one she hopes to share these dreams with, yet suddenly he finds another interest, that of race car driving in the Enlisch world. Luke Lambright wants to share his dreams with Emily, yet this is not the life that she had imagined.

While Luke is away following his dreams, Emily's days are filled with service to another Amish family in need.  The father of this family had a serious injury making it difficult for the family to carry out their work and daily life as it had always been in the past.  This family is struggling to help their father and protect him from all things that they feel might worsen his condition.  In so doing, they became perhaps too protective for him.

Elam Riehl, oldest son of this family has always cared for Emily, yet knowing her feelings for Luke, he withholds his feelings, yet Emily finds herself having feelings for him, but feels that he has none for her.

As Luke returns to Wells Landing, Emily finds her feelings for Luke might be returning, and wonders how she should proceed with her life.  Of course, it becomes necessary for Emily to make decisions that affect many and sometimes she is not sure what decision is the right one.

This was a sweet love story which I found to be a very captivating read.  As I mentioned hard to put down.  This book will be coming out in January 2015 and I highly recommend it.

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