Saturday, March 7, 2015

Anna's Crossing by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Several times I have written to author's when they had story line requests and mentioned that I think it would be so interesting to do an Amish historical fiction, thinking of an Amish going back to search for roots, or visiting the homeland.  I had never thought about the crossing, although I have done a Powerpoint presentation about immigration and the circumstances of that crossing.  Of course, I had to do a lot of research to make the presentation, and I can honestly say that Suzanne Woods Fisher did her homework well.

In this story Anna K├Ânig finds herself preparing for a trip to the new land.  The year is 1737 and the ship is the Charming Nancy.  This is not a trip that Anna is looking forward to and she knows upon leaving she will never see her grandparents again.  Anna is a young woman with faith, courage and determination.  She meets Bairn, the ship's carpenter and although the initial meeting is not what she would have preferred, she eventually finds him to be very supportive to her and the other "Peculiars" as they are called.

 Among the immigrants is a young boy, Felix Bauer, who wants to experience everything and anything and that includes watching what happens on deck, although this was never to occur.  But Felix definitely finds a "work-around" for that rule.

The descriptions of the sailing conditions, the trip, the waiting, the storms, the many interesting events that occur are certainly brought to life as the author describes them all so well, you can almost feel and smell the air they breathe.

The supporting "cast of characters" are very well developed and very essential to the book.  Each page is filled with history and the daily dealings of those on this ship.

I greatly enjoyed this book, maybe because I am a genealogist and delve daily into old records and historical events.  I give it 5 Stars!  I highly recommend this wonderful book.

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