Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Amish Man of Ice Mountain by Kelly Long

I am really struggling with this post.  First of all, I truly love Amish books.  Second of all, I picked up reading after many years of not.reading simply because I didn't like the content in most books.  I am a bit "prudish" in that respect.  So when I discovered Amish and Christian novels, I felt safe in my reading world.

I have already read a couple of Kelly Long's Amish books, and they were a bit edgy for me.  So as I received this book, I was prepared for that and decided that I would skip those parts when they appeared in the book.  And that is what I had to do.  So those parts are there and I am not a fan of "open bedroom door" books, so I will let you know what I did. The rest of the book, I read and will review.  With the above exception.

As this book opens Joseph King is working on the oil rigs along with his brother.  He appears to be the stronger Amish brother of the two and tries to remind his brother Edward to stay on the straight and narrow while working away from their Amish upbringing.  He doesn't always succeed here as his brother continues to do what he wants, following the influences that surround him in his work.

Joseph meets a young Englisch woman, Priscilla Allen and her little daughter and the two of them seem to be homeless and living in their car.  As the two become better friends they both discover that there is something that lurks in the past that is causing them both to not be able to easily go on to a better future.  Things that need to be healed.  As they go to Joseph's home in Ice Mountain, will the healing begin or will past wounds be opened?

The characters in this book were well developed and it was easy to become connected with them.  I enjoyed the book but skipped the above mentioned sections.  I enjoyed how the characters from the previous book in this series appear and blended into this book.  I very much liked the parts that were not sensual in nature and feel that I didn't miss anything in the story line itself by skipping over these parts. These are my own feelings but I am sure that there there are many other Amish reader fans that share my thoughts and so have mentioned it as a result.

I received this book from the publisher for my honest review which I have given.

Author Kelly Long

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