Saturday, April 25, 2015

Amish Valentine by Kristina Ludwig

This is another Amish writing of Kristina Ludwig's that I have read.  I enjoyed it and it was a quick read.  I have been reading these shorter books on my Kindle as I drive to work.  I let my Kindle Fire "read to me" while I travel.

Mercy is trying to win back Samuel who caught her with another young man, an Englischer.  Mercy is also trying to straighten out her life of trying to follow the Englisch party ways.  Her sister, Rebecca has already left the Amish so that she could go to school.
Despite this Mercy is still trying to show Samuel that she has changed and is willing to conform to the rules of the Amish.

The ending is nice and what I had "hoped" for.  I enjoyed the book, short read but nicely written.

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