Saturday, April 25, 2015

Courting Miriam by Ruth Price

As Miriam's Rumspringa experiences leave her expecting and alone, she returns home to her Amish community to sort out her life.  As her situation becomes known, it is clear that she needs to marry and a widower from the community steps in with the intentions of courting her.  Yet, her heart remains with Samuel, the Amish man who gave her a ride home that she just met.  He knows her situation, but he has also left his home and has to deal with some things also.  He plans to stay in her community, but first needs to find a job, only to find their is only one job available.  One that he was warned not to accept.  But his plan is to court Miriam and as he comes to call, he is told by her mother not to come back till he can support Miriam and the child.

Miriam believes that he has also deserted her and feels perhaps her only choice is the older widower and his kids.  

It's a good story and I enjoyed it.  I recommend it to those who enjoy Amish books.  I read the other reviews written and they pointed out some errors, which I hadn't noticed because I listened to the Kindle as I drive and missed them, apparently.  However, it didn't seem to affect anything for me.  Liked it and will read more from this author.

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