Saturday, April 11, 2015

Patchwork A Story of 'The Plain People" by Anna Balmer Myers

I purchased this book at Amazon quite a while ago.  I say "purchased", how ever it was free and is still free yet today. Here is the link to the free book dowload.

I was surprised when I read about the author who wrote this book in the 1920's.  It is a sweet, wholesome story of Phoebe, a plain person, who finds that she wants to not be so plain.  When a schoolteacher appears in her town from Philadelphia, she sees a more modern, "fancier" woman that she wants to model her life after.

Her childhood friends, David and Phares are both interested in her as more than just a "friend".  Yet as she grows up she wants to stretch her wings a bit and take singing lessons in Philadelphia.

Having been raised by her father and her father's sister as a plain person, they would be much happier to have her stay on the farm and live out her days in the manner of the plain people.  Yet she finds a way to make her dream come true.  She leaves behind her friends and family to seek out a new way.

As times change in the world and war breaks out, she finds that caring about others is a very important part of her life.  She finds the true meaning of where and how her life should be lived.

This is a very sweet and descriptive book on the Plain People, in this case, of the Brethren Church.  It was an enjoyable read and because the author lived in the time period of the book, probably quite accurate as to the circumstances.  This is a very nice historical fiction, and for free, how could you go wrong?

You can read about this author at this link.

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