Sunday, November 8, 2015

First Ever Reader's Luncheon in Utah

Have you ever been to a Reader's Luncheon?  Well, neither have I, until yesterday.  It was an interesting event.  I went alone but I think I would have liked to have taken a friend with me as I knew no one but Jennifer Beckstrand, one of my favorite authors, who happens to be a Utah native and invited me.

I was excited to go because it just sounded fun and it was.  There were about 270 people there, the majority being women and a few men, surprisingly.

The event started at registration where you get your name tag and goodie bag.  And there were many goodies included.  About 6 books were inside and bookmarks, and misc odds and ends, pens, pencils, a sleep mask, magnets, chapstick and so forth.  It was fun.  I think that the registration till entry time was a bit long but that's OK.  If I choose to go again, I will leave a little later, I think.  The only problem with that could be available parking. This was held at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy.

It was then opened to enter the eating area and there we were greeted by beautifully set and decorated tables.  I was at Jennifer's table. Isn't it pretty?

In case you are wondering what is in the baskets, well I will tell you.  Three books, two from the author and one from another Utah Author.  Honey Bee soap dispenser. This had a cute tag around the top representing her next series of Amish books that she will have out sometime in the next year, probably end of June or July.  Here is a picture of the cute tag

And some Huckleberry syrup! 

Then there was a little bit of meet and greet time.  It was fun to look at all the pretty table settings and decorations.

Here below are the door prizes.  There were many but I didn't win one.  Usually I am so lucky, but not this time!  

There were some really nice prizes including a new Kindle loaded with 30 titles.  Fun.  You wouldn't believe how close my ticket number was at times.  I was holding my breath, but didn't get one.  Sigh.

There was also a giveaway table at the one side of the hall with about three books, bracelets, pens, can opener key chains and other items.  I grabbed some of those.

At the center of Jennifer's table was a Huckleberry pie, and we all got a piece of it.  But actually it was Huckleberry scented soap.  It smells really good, but it's too pretty to actually use, haha!  But it makes a very nice sachet!
There were some interesting historical characters here as well.  I suspect that they were fans of historical fiction.
There were two speakers.  The keynote speaker was Robyn Carr from Las Vegas.  I haven't personally read any of her books, but I got one from this event.  So I will be checking it out soon.
The other speaker was RaeAnn Thayne.  Then afterwards they held a signing party and book sales.  And then it was time to go home.  It was fun!

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