Thursday, November 5, 2015

Her Captain's Heart by Lyn Cote

Yankee schoolmarm, Quaker Verity Hardy is a widow who takes on the big challenge of building, opening and teaching a school for black children not long after the Civil War.  The school is sponsored and paid for by the Freedman organization

She heads South with her father-in-law and daughter Beth to face unexpected and extremely hard trials in her goals.  But Verity is not one to give up under any circumstances even when it means starting completely from square one.

Her name Verity means to believe in a true principle and in the case of this story it would be the principle of equality for all which was Verity's goal and purpose.  Working together with ex-captain in the Union Army, Matt Ritter has it's challenges and joys.

When plans go awry, Verity forges ahead and never gives up, a truly strong and honorable woman.

This was another wonderful read written by Lyn Cote.  I really enjoy her books and I will keep reading her wonderful books.  I loved this book!

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