Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hope's Dwelling Place by Connie Stevens

This was the last story in the Romance Collection, "Love is Patient".  Did I like it?  Yes, I really did.  The first thing that I noticed was that it took place in the Fredericksburg, Texas area.  I visited here two summers ago while in the San Antonio area.  And Texas holds a warm place in my heart, anyway, since my ancestor was an early settler in Panna Maria, over 150 years ago.

This was about a young woman, Amelia starting out as the local school marm.  As she arrives in her new location, although she expected to be met by the schoolboard member, Mr. Richter, no one is there to greet her in the cold night.  As she finally gets settled she meets Hank Zimmerman uncle to three recently orphaned children who will be attending her little school.

This story revolves around a German cultural group where the schoolboard member, Mr. Richter, is adament that the children only learn selected subject matter, including German.

Lovely story, with a few German errors.  This comment from me a native German.  Ah well, I overlook them and since this wasn't the final version, I am hoping they will not be in the final version.  For those that aren't German, I am sure they won't even be noticed.

The final word on the collection:  Wonderful.  You will be happy to have read this wonderful book!

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