Monday, January 4, 2016

The Love is Patient Romance Collection: The Spinster's Beau by Jill Stengl

I just started reading the first novella in this 9 part collection of historical novellas by some really amazing authors.  I decided I would review each one right after I read it so that it is still all fresh in my mind.

This book started out in a rather exciting way as Jane is called out to help the local doctor with what she supposed was a childbirth but turns out to be a rather different call than she would have ever expected.  Doing her best to help with her case brings along some surprising feelings and as Jane receives a marriage proposal from an unexpected suitor, she must choose to patiently wait to see what her future holds or accept the sure thing which promises a secure future.

I enjoyed the story very much.  It is the first I have read from this author and I hope that I will have the opportunity to read more from her.  Really loved the story.  I kind of wish it would continue to see what Jane's future looks like!

This book is scheduled to come out on Feb. 1, 2016.  It can be preordered through Amazon at the following link.

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