Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Just Plain Sadie by Amy Lillard

I was SOOOOO lucky to get an advance reader's copy of this book.  I have read the other books of the Wells Landing Amish series.  I have enjoyed them all, but I have to admit, this is my favorite one. I could barely put it down.  And then when I was done I was so sad that it was over...

Yes, this was just a wonderful book.  It was so fun to read and the people in the story seemed to be so human it was as though I really knew them, shortcomings and all.

A little synopsis:

The people of Wells Landing always assumed that Sadie Kaufmann and Chris Flaud, best friends and constant companions, would surely marry.  She is shaken by news he gives her and then into her life appears Mennonite Ezra Hein.  Suddenly life is changing for the 22 year old Amish woman.  She finds herself breaking a few rules along her way and sometimes following her heart rather than the ways of her upbringing.  She is torn as to what to do with her life.  Being the plain sister in her family has not always given her many opportunities to find that special person in the past.

This book was really a fun read.  I am hoping there is another installment in this series!  This book, although continuing from the previous ones, can still be read alone.  It is really fun to see the characters of the previous books appear and remember their stories.

So yes, I highly recommend this book!  I know you will love it.  You can pre-order your copy at this link.  If you would like to link to the author page and get to know Amy Lillard, just click here!


  1. I want to read this so much...Write on . Bless you.

  2. This was an amazing book. I loved Just Plain Sadie and I didn't want to put it down either. Now I'm wondering what is happening with Sadie and Ezra.