Saturday, February 13, 2016

Joshua's Mission by Vannetta Chapman

I loved how this book weaved itself through the lives of different people from such different backgrounds and how Amish, Englisch, and all denominations came together in a time of great need. The book started out as two separate stories and how two roads converged into one.

People who have read my past reviews, know that I LOVE Amish books.  But I have to admit many that I have read start to follow the same patterns.  But this book was different.  It created its own unique and heart warming pattern.

I loved how people grew beyond what they saw to become less judgmental and look to the hearts and souls of people rather than what shows only on the outside.

Having being to Corpus Christi and gathered shells from the beach with my then 6 year old grandson, I could place myself there as the winds would have gathered and as the waves grew out of their natural boundaries becoming treacherous and deadly.  This story of those in desperate need and those with helping hearts came together to heal and strengthen one another.

Each of the characters in the book grew and changed as they went through their own personal trials and those of the others in the book.  Although different they discover things about one another that are totally the same and learn to love others more.

It's a beautiful tale and I was so happy to be able to read such a well-written and captivating book.  I highly recommend this one!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my review.

You can find this book at the following link.

The author Vannetta Chapman.

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