Monday, February 8, 2016

Melinda and the Wild West by Linda Weaver Clarke

I just finished reading this very interesting book by Linda Weaver Clarke.  It was certainly my favorite of all the books from this author.  I guess this could be because it deals with times and places that I could really relate to, especially living in Utah and being familiar with Idaho and Bear Lake.

As easterner Melinda heads west to Idaho to teach school, she finds a most exciting beginning to her new life, a bank robbery.  This book has many events that were of actual history of the places that she writes about.  I love how she wove fiction and history together to keep the reader involved with the characters, times and places.  This book was written about some of the events and places in the lives of her ancestors.  This also has a special appeal to me as a genealogist.  And there is always something special about bringing real events out in your reading.  Much more believable!

This is a very family friendly romance set in a difficult but fascinating time in history, as the doors to the west were opened to those seeking a better life for themselves.

I really enjoyed the book and hope to be able to read the remaining books of this series.  I recommend it!

You can find this book at the following link.

The author, Linda Weaver Clarke

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