Saturday, October 14, 2017

Colors of Christmas

This book contains two stories, each revolving around a Christmas theme.  I definitely enjoyed the first one more, maybe because it wrote about Astrid, an elderly woman survivor of Germany in WWII, such as my mother.  The memories alone of the War and how the people of Germany struggled to survive brought back many of the stories my mother has shared with me over the years.

I was a bit confused about the ending as it went right into the second story and I wasn't even aware that I had finished the first story.

I do like the thoughts of the author, of certain things that bring back feelings and emotions in our lives of Christmases past and those in our lives that aren't with us any longer.  I definitely get those feelings today and really related to this.

I enjoyed the book.

I received an e-copy of this book from NetGalley for my review.  All thoughts are my own.

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