Saturday, October 28, 2017

Kappy King and the Puppy Kaper by Amy Lillard

This is the start of a new mystery series by Amy Lillard.  Amy Lillard is one of my favorite Amish authors.  And I was excited to be able to read this very fun book.

I have enjoyed mysteries since I was young and so adding that to an Amish setting, another of my favorite genres, made this a very fun read.

A single, somewhat unusual character, Kappy, the Kapp maker for the local Amish women, discovers her neighbor dead with her mentally challenged son the only one nearby.  Jimmy, the son of the deceased finds himself taken to jail for his mother's murder.  His sister Edie, no longer Amish, finds herself returning home to care for her brother and the matters she will soon be facing.

As trouble looms, Edie and Kappy become close friends trying to find what really happened to Edie's mother. 
The story is engaging, entertaining and fun.  I think it would also be a fun read for the young adult and teen reader.  I am sure you will enjoy it too!

I received a copy of this book from the author for my review.  All thought are my own. 

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