Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kate's Song by Jennifer Beckstand

I was able to purchase this book from Jennifer at her book signing at the American Fork, Utah Library.  I was happy to be able to meet this author whose writing is so engaging to me!

About the book:

Kate Weaver has a wonderful singing voice.  She longs to develop her talents and attends an academy for more training. She realizes that she is expected to be baptized and take on the life of an Amish woman, which does not include the voice training that she so wants.  She experiences a serious trial which causes her to return home to her family.  There see reconnects with Nathaniel King.  He has loved her since grade school.   Nathaniel has been baptized and practices the Amish faith in an exemplary manner.  Gossip flows though their Amish community and it appears that some feel that Kate is not worthy of Nathaniel. 

She debates in her mind whether to return to the city and become an accomplished singer or to stay home and possibly the wife of Nathaniel.  As she comes to a realization of what God wants for her, twists and turns come into her life, making her wonder if her decision is truly the right choice.

This book was another great read by author Jennifer Beckstrand, who really seems to understand the Amish lifestyle and is a very accomplished author.  I have enjoyed all her books that I have read.  This one kept me turning pages as fast as I could.  I hated to put the book down. 

You can find her books and website at this link. 

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