Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lean Forward by Laurel Griffith

Lean Forward was an interesting Devotional type book with many thoughts on how to better communicate, both with God and people in your life.  It gives some good personal examples of her family, of others and those who have had the need to rebuild or begin a new relationship with their Savior.

It is a book that can give insights to many aspects of our lives, self improvement and better understanding of others.  We can all use some reminders in our lives of what is really important.  It can be a helpful book to people from all walks of life and Christian religions. 

In Chapter 5 of her book, she poses the question, "  If you knew Jesus would visit your town tomorrow, would you cancel your tennis date to see Him?  Would you call your boss and ask for the day off, and perhaps invite her to come along, too?  Would you change your hair appointment or miss the big game?  Exactly what would you put aside to get yourself to the feet of your Savior?"

I especially liked that thought because so many of us put all the worldly things ahead of the spiritual things, which are often forgotten or postponed for other "more important" things in our lives. 

A good book of reminders for all of us.  Good job Laurel Griffith on a very thought provoking book.   Here is a link to her webpage.

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