Thursday, July 10, 2014

Miriam's Quilt by Jennifer Beckstrand

I was able to get a copy of this book at Jennifer's book signing a couple of weeks ago in American Fork, UT.  I couldn't wait to read it and was so good that I got a copy.  It was such a good read.  There hasn't been a book of Jennifer's yet that I didn't enjoy. 

Jennifer's style is very real to me.  I can understand the feelings of all her characters and the situations that they are in are also very real.

The main character is Miriam Bontrager who has been "almost" betrothed to Ephraim.  But because of some unfortunate events in the lives of Miriam's family members, she is no longer seen as "worthy" of him.  He rejects her and no longer wants anything to do with Miriam or her family.  To now marry her would be an embarrassment to him and his position as the Minister's son. 

Miriam is devastated, of course, and finds ways to keep her mind off of Ephraim.  Horses are a love of hers, and she comes regularly to see the foals at Seth's.  She also finds that quilting helps her to find meaning in her life.  She gives a quilt of special significance to Seth for being her friend through her heartbreaking time.  As her heart starts to mend, she and Seth become good friends and he does not harbor cares and concerns about her family situations, because his family also bears difficult scars.  They find their hearts healing and becoming happy, but is that enough for Miriam?

This is a wonderful book.  I give it 5 stars.  I think that this series, Forever after in Apple Lake is a must read for all Amish literature fans.

Jennifer Beckstrand is the author of three books in the Forever After in Apple Lake series about three cousins who find love in Wisconsin's Amish country.  Miriam's Quilt is the third book in the series, following Kate's Song and Rebecca's Rose.  Jennifer is a member of ACFW and active in her local RWA chapter.  She and her husband have six children and live in Utah.

You can find Jennifer's books here.

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