Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Hitler Dilemma A Mormon Boy in The German Army by Carolyn Twede Frank

The Hitler Dilemma was a very interesting read.  The story taking place in Hitler's Germany during WWII brings back the memories of my own father who also was called up to be in Hitler's Jugend.  And just like the person in this book, Max Adam, my father was also a Mormon.  So I could very much relate to this story.

Although it is a novel based on true events, it is very realistic, coming from a reviewer who knows and has heard about these type of events and happenings throughout WWII on the German side of things.  They too, experienced much anguish at the hands of their wartime enemies.  The book shows the suffering, the hardships, hunger and need for faith in God to get you through the really hard times.

Max is found fighting a war that he doesn't believe in and having to be obedient to a leader that he knows to be evil.  This is the dilemma, along with the religion that keeps him going regardless of his trials.
Because of my own personal closeness of these events and knowledge of them, it made the reading of this book really hit home to me.  I hope others will take the time to read this book and realize that the Germans fighting this war did not have a choice as to whether they wanted to follow this leader or not.  They too, had to deal with a dictatorial government that they couldn't change and suffer through these times.

There were some typos and a few misspellings in the book, but other than that, it was a really great book!

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