Sunday, August 4, 2019

An Amish Spring by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, and Vannetta Chapman

If you love Amish fiction, and how could you not, you will love these 3 stories in a wonderful compilation by the above authors.  They are definitely wonderful authors with a super talent.  To share the talent in one book, is fabulous!

A Son For Always Amy Clipston shares the story of Carolyn and Joshua as they prepare for their first child together, and how Carolyn's son Benjamin will fit into their family.  Although Joshua has adopted Ben as his own son, Carolyn feels the responsibility for his financial welfare.  Will she be able to trust and have faith that they are all now one family, rather than a family separated from past mistakes in life. Author: Amy Clipston.

A Love for Irma Rose Beth Wiseman. I loved this story of Josh and Irma Rose, their experiences as Josh ends up in jail, because he likes a little more excitement than the "usual" Amish person.  But was their a deeper meaning to why he was in jail?  Hmm. food for thought and a wonderful chance to find this book and read this story!  It was that good.

My husband and I have had a garden for all the years of our married life.  In our beginning efforts, it was quite a struggle for us to have it watered adequately, yet not too much, to keep the weeds down and to know how to properly deal with the little garden pests, both insect variety and larger animal variety. 
We often had problems that we had to “weather” out, such as late frosts after the garden was beginning to come up or early frosts when we not prepared and hadn’t brought in the harvest.  Hail and wind storms also wreaked their havoc upon our little garden plot.  It was and sometimes still is frustrating when things didn’t go as we had hoped and planned.  But so is our life, also not the smooth road we always hope and pray for.  We have to learn to “go with the flow” and accept what happens and move forward.  Yet we can find peace in our lives and grow and learn.  The garden holds many happy memories and fun as the kids and now grandkids help us harvest, weed and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

This wonderful story by Vannetta Chapman shows how the gardens in our lives help us to move ahead and as stated by the very talented author, Vannetta Chapman, Gardens will bless your soul. 

“They are a place to rest, to draw near, and to heal.”  I especially loved that line and marked it as I was reading the book, because that is how I truly feel about gardens, as well.

 Where Healing Blooms, Vannetta Chapman
Emma is a widow who lives with Mary Ann, her mother-in-law.  Mary Ann has a beautiful garden that she lovingly tends. Emma tries to find a purpose in life now that her children are grown.  She learns that a runaway Amish boy has been hiding in her barn.  She tries to know how she can help him at this troubled time of his life.  She leaves food and hopes that he will feel that he can trust her to help him.  She also is asked by the bishop to house an abused Amish woman and her two children.  They find a safe refuge at Emma’s and begin to work together. 
Emma begins to find some meaning to her life and purpose
Her old friend, Danny, has returned home after many years absence.  She had once hoped that they would marry, but Danny had disappointed her by moving away to pursue his life’s plans leaving Emma alone and to marry another.  Emma feels she is too old now to find love again in her life.
Mary Ann’s garden holds a secret which she reveals to Emma and Danny that may just change both of their lives.  

These stories will touch your heart.  These  authors share how faith can help you find peace, faith, endurance, hope and healing.  I loved them all!

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