Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Amelia Moore Mysteries Vol. 1, 2, & 3

The Shamrock Case

This was right up my alley.  Why?  Because I am a genealogist by profession.  And in this book, the main character, Amelia Moore, a detective, is looking for the family of a young woman, Kate, who was adopted after the death of both of her parents.  She knows they were from Ireland and wants to find her family if possible.  Being a genealogist, I do this everyday as part of my work, also.  I have also worked on a few adoption cases and heir searches. I have also traveled abroad to do research, so I guess that makes me a bit of a detective, also!

This is a cute story and there are unexpected results to the search for Kate's family.  You will have to read this sweet story.  It's a fun and enjoyable read. 

The Bali Mystery

I must say the series has some really interesting settings.  This definitely adds depth to the book with obviously lots of needed research on the part of the author, which clearly was the case.

This is a cozy mystery and so not the intense type of mystery and I find that I am really enjoying that alot. There was a little romance, mystery and some suspense all rolled into one.

I do like / prefer a clean romance.  That is me.   So this book definitely scored points for me in this area.  In other words, a good Christian read.

Amelia and Rick seem to work together well in this book and I will plan on reading other works by this author.  Her assignment:  Find the missing brother.  Her partner in detective work: Rick Bonito.
The setting:  Bali.

Amelia wants to keep the relationship between Rick and herself completely professional, but with a beautiful setting, the perfect person, and a lot of time together, it will be interesting to see how that all turns out.  I am quite certain you will really enjoy this read and I highly recommend it!

The Missing Heir

Having never been to Mexico myself, it was fun to experience Amelia and Rick's journey through a part of this country as they search for the nephew and heir of Dell Murphy, who is missing.  Dell's nephew was expected to continue the work at Dell's orphanage, rather than his brother and sister who would close the orphanage down.  They find many obstacles in their way as they continue their search.

I really enjoyed this book of the series.  Linda's books are very interesting, enjoyable and always a clean read.

I received a copy of this book from the author.  All thoughts are my own.

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